About us


Once upon a time did you love to dress up in your mother’s beads and baubles? I know I did.

The quality of costume jewelry and glass beads manufactured back in the day has never been as appreciated as it is today. As time passed corners were cut, money was saved, and the quality of beads used in manufactured and hand-crafted jewelry went downhill. More and more acrylic and plastic beads were being used and the straw that broke this camel’s back with the ever-increasing popularity of the use of elastic stringing material over the past decade which made the costume jewelry being manufactured today all the more tacky.

The quality of beads declined just about everywhere with the exception of the Czech Republic and Austria, countries that have always produced exceptionally high-quality glass products including glass beads.

The Swarovski crystal beads manufactured in Austria are perfect and stunning, but I prefer the wide and eclectic range of basic and unexpected beads produced and sold in the Czech Republic at reasonable mid-range prices. So, I do my best to keep my shop stocked with all the Czech beauties I can find.

Here at Glorious Glass Beads I strive to offer quality basic as well as unique beads at reasonable prices. At times I am able to find great Czech beads on sale and when that happens I stock up and pass any savings I am able to find on to my customers. You do not have to rummage through you mother’s old storage boxes anymore to find great beads. You can once again play dress-up with quality costume jewelry made with my lovely Czech glass beads.


My name is Shelly Reswick. I am a collector, a buyer and seller and I have been doing this for a while. 

I enjoy buying and selling so much that in 2014 I opened an Etsy shop where I pretty much sell the same products I sell here. This year I decided to transition to having my own website, so here I am!  

I am a strong believer in providing old fashioned, attentive, unparalleled customer service and quality products. Because of this I received excellent reviews on both Etsy and Ebay. Take a look at my Etsy five star rating , as well as my consistently positive eBay feedback       

I live in Long Beach California with one husband, one grown daughter, one son-in-law, two step grandchildren, two cats, four dogs, and PLENTY of beads!