My Own Website - Why I Love Shopify -

My Own Website - Why I Love Shopify -

I have been selling on the internet for quite a while; since the hay days of eBay, before it became over-saturated with products.

From there - after discovering my love of beads and handcrafted jewelry - I opened a bead shop on Etsy. After a couple years of increasing sales there I decided I wanted to be the master of my own domain so to speak and have my own website.

Shopify made that possible. With a Shopify site I can create as many menu items as I need. I can arrange and rearrange photos and listings, put up a logo, pick colors and layouts, and have things just the way I want them.

Creating the site was not a piece of cake for me as I am not exactly web savvy but the the phone and chat support offered by Shopify is unparalleled in today's customer service-less world.

After a couple of months of wrangling with this technology, and with a lot of help, I finally got the site up and running and it feels GREAT.

So far I have had 1 sale and that made me do the Snoopy happy dance.

Now I am trying my hand at social media marketing, another first for this baby boomer!

Please come visit my website and take a look at my beautiful beads! I just placed an order with a manufacturer in the Czech Republic, so there are many, many more beautiful beads yet to come.

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